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October 2017 Message


The last three months of this year of total restoration starting from this new month of completeness must be devoted to bringing to pass all that the Lord declared concerning us at the beginning of the year. We have seen that all the prophecies concerning the doubling of natural disasters come to pass: monster earthquakes, monster floods, hurricanes and typhoons, monster tornadoes and monster fire outbreaks. Wedding bells have rung for His people or their children and many are still on the way together with all kinds of pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

It is key therefore that we refocus on Christ from this month till the year’s end. One of the prophecies for the year is that soul winners would have their prophecies promptly fulfilled. It is time for you to reign and rule your world, exercising dominion in all areas of life—spiritual, material, financial and political. After all, the Lord created for this purpose and called us through salvation to function as His kings and priests (Rev. 1.6). The number ten is significant: the Lord gave us ten commandments and delivered His children in Egypt after ten plagues.

Besides the realization of prophecy for 2017 there are five other important reasons to refocus on Christ and become avid soul winners in our personal lives, families and churches in this month of completeness.

First, Christ is the One who saved us from our sins and when we gave our lives to Him, we promised to serve Him for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, over time our focus shifts for diverse reasons to other things or persons…it could be our problems, or our beloved friends, parents, pastors, benefactors etc.

Second, we refocus Christ so we can follow Him. In the process we grow to become just like Him. This is the essence of spiritual progress and was His original call to us: Follow me and I will make you fishers of men…May we learn to be fishers of men in this new month. Mt.4.19.

Third, as we refocus Christ we are challenged to make the kinds of sacrifices He made in prayer, fasting, and in the single-minded focus on the Kingdom of God. The result would be that we would be able to also manifest His power and grace. 1 Pet. 2.21-23.

Fourth, as we refocus Christ, we are able to prepare for His return with single-minded focus Heb. 9.28. The events all around us point to His soon coming. There are actions we can take that can hasten His coming. This includes publicizing Him and His soon coming return.

Finally, as we refocus Christ we shall experience total deliverance from every kind of bondage, disease and problems. He had assured us: If He sets us free we shall be free indeed. Jn.8.36. Signs and wonders would also follow us (Mk.16.17-18)

Welcome to the month of Completeness as we refocus Christ in every area of our lives, family and churches making Him known using all diverse media and possibilities like the ex-madman of Gadara did (Mk5: 20).

Let us make friends and share with them and all our colleagues what the Lord has done for us. Let us show the love of Christ in words and deed throughout this month to all of God’s people, old and new.

September 30, 2017.